FREE Discovery Passes Longmont Library

Longmont Library Now Offering FREE Discovery Passes

Longmont Library Now Offering FREE Discovery Passes

The Longmont Library is now offering FREE Discovery Passes to local cultural institutions!

Upon learning this, I went online in the hopes of booking an excursion for myself and my little one. For now, Longmont residents only (the librarian we spoke to mentioned they hoped to expand this offering to all Colorado residents at some point) can book FREE passes to a variety of cultural institutions along Colorado’s Front Range including the Longmont Museum, WOW! Children’s Museum in Lafayette, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Butterfly Pavilion, and MORE using their Longmont library card.

My daughter has been wanting to go to the Butterfly Pavilion so we decided to try and book FREE Discovery Passes for that venue.

Recent Boulder Transplants Beware

In April our little family moved to Longmont from Boulder and, as we are book lovers, immediately went to check out our new community book sanctuary. Upon visiting the first time, the librarian informed me that Boulder Libraries and the Longmont Library had recently formed a partnership and that I could use my Boulder card at the Longmont Library equally. In our experience, this has not proven to be completely true, however. My advice – if you plan on booking Discovery Passes – is to insist upon the Longmont Card as well. Why?

When I went to book our passes online using our Boulder library card (which can supposedly be used equally between partner libraries) I was kicked out of the system with a statement of ineligibility. This program is for residents only and, clearly, all residents have a Longmont library card – not a Boulder library card. Ugh.

So, we hopped into the car and drove to the library explaining that we would like to book passes to the Butterfly Pavilion. That is where I found out all library cards are not created equal and, after once again dealing with questions of my residency, received our passes to the Butterfly Pavilion AND a card to the Longmont Library to facilitate future bookings.

Book Up To 30 Days in Advance

You can reserve Discovery Passes up to 30 days in advance. One pass for each museum may be reserved once per calendar year (365 days from date of last reservation). You will need to bring your PRINTED pass to your venue of choice as this program is not mobile enabled as of yet.

The library will print your passes for FREE though you should be prepared to wait until technical glitches are sorted out and the learning curve overcome. We waited a good 20 minutes to receive the printed page from the librarian.

Other Ways to Visit Cultural Institutions for FREE or CHEAP

If you’re not a Longmont resident and want to visit a museum or cultural institution for FREE or on the cheap, have a look at THIS POST which has more ideas to set you up in that area!